Day/Night switch – 125W loading

> Ultra-reliable 8 Amp relay
> Designed to fit inside the light fitting
> Very tough
> Long proven service life

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The DN-3 Photocell is a compact/rugged daylight switch that can operate a range of lamps. The unit is housed in a plastic housing with bayonet type terminations which makes it easy to install into light fittings. The switch operates a range of HID lamps including fluorescent and incandescent lamps. The day/night sensor is connected by a fly lead to the screw connector of the module.

Types of lamps that are can be operated from the DN-3 are:
> MV (Mercury vapour)
> HPS (High Pressure Sodium)
> Metal Halide
> Fluorescent
> Incandescent

> Drill a 8mm hole in the side of the luminaire for the sensor to detect natural light.
> Direct sunlight must not shine into the sensor. Point the sensor downwards to prevent rainwater or direct sunlight from entering the sensor.
> Seal the aperture with silicon glue.
> The sensor must not detect reflected light from the luminaire (nearby walls etc.).
> The sensor should protrude 5mm outside the luminaire.

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