CD-Y41 Infra-red Occupancy Sensor

Recessed (flush)-mount infra-red occupancy sensor

> Large detection radius of up to 6 meters
> Three-sensor configuration for greater coverage
> 300W rated load
> 10 minutes maximum time setting
> 2 year warranty

The Y41 is an active infra-red motion detector. It senses changes in heat via its Fresnel lens to detect human movement. The sensor can detect even the slightest movement in the detection zone.
The unit is designed to be fitted flush into ceilings. 360° sensing is assured via its three heat sensors.
A 10 minute maximum time setting will reduce the possibility of the lights being extinguished when somebody is present. A built-in light sensor facilitates daylight harvesting.

Two adjustments are provided:
> Daylight harvesting lux adjustment
> Delay time