CD-MV16 Microwave Occupancy Sensor

Recessed (flush)-mount microwave occupancy sensor

> Large detection radius of up to 10 meters
> Microwave sensor can see through boundaries etc.
> Load capacity of up to 1200W
> 30 minutes maximum time delay setting
> DIP selection for rapid and easy set-up
> 2 year warranty

The MV16 is an active microwave motion detector. It emits a high frequency electro-magnetic wave of 5.8GHz and receives the Doppler echo. The sensor detects the change in the Doppler echo even from the slightest movement in the detection zone. There are no blind spots. Detection is possible through doors, panes of glass and thin walls and soft furnishings.

A built-in light sensor facilitates daylight harvesting.

Three adjustments are provided:
> Sense range
> Daylight harvesting lux adjustment
> Delay time