Dual Technology (PIR + Sound) Sensor

> Large detection radius of up to 10 meters
> 600W Rated load
> Up to 30 min time setting
> 2 year warranty

This is a dual technology occupancy sensor with both passive infra-red (PIR) detection and noise (sound) detection. Lighting will be activated after movement is detected. The delay timer will then begin counting. If either noise or movement is thereafter detected, the timer will be reset and begin timing again. The PIR detector can detect movement up to 10 meters. The microphone can detect normal conversation up to about four meters distance. The lighting will be switched off if neither motion nor sound is detected during the timer period. Noise cannot activate the lighting - movement must be detected first to enable the microphone.

Daylight harvesting can be gained by adjusting the ‘lux’ switching threshold. Lighting with then only be activated if the ambient light in the room is below the ‘lux’ threshold.

The unit has full 360° motion and noise sensing.

Function Description 

Control settings:
> SENS – sets detection range. Clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise to reduce. Always set to maximum (fully clockwise) unless there are problems with false detection (from passages or outside the room).
> TIME – sets delay timer. Clockwise for maximum time of 30 minutes and anti-clockwise for minimum time of 10 seconds. For quiet areas set this to 30 minutes and for busy areas set this to 10 minutes.
> LUX – ambient light switching level. Clockwise for a maximum switching light level of 2000 lux and anti-clockwise to set to minimum threshold of 10 lux. Set low (from 10 to 100 lux) for most applications.
> Push button. This has two functions: turn light on or off whilst testing and to turn noise detection on or off. To turn the lights on and off merely press the button quickly. To turn the noise sensing on and off hold the button down until the red light flashes. When mains is first turned ‘on’ the lights will be switched on and the red indicating light on the sensor with switch on. When the unit has stabilized both the lights and red light will turn off. The unit is now ready to detect movement. Only switch off the noise sensing if outside sounds are keeping the lights on.

Red Indicating Light 
The red light shows when the sensor picks up movement or sound. If the red light is flashing when people are moving but the lights do not switch on, then the lux level is too high. When the lights are switched on then red light will flash when both people movement and sounds are detected. This is quite useful because it shows what kind of movements and sounds will reset the timer.