ES100W / ES125W Emergency Kit

UPS system for any 230Vac device or lamps up to 100W / 125W

> 5 year warranty on inverter
> Provides emergency power for 230 Vac 100W / 125W device / lamps
> 1 hour emergency duration
> Perfectly suitable for LED Hi-Bays / LED Floods
> 100% emergency light output

The ES-100W / 125W supplies 100% light output in emergency operation for most 230V LED or ES lamps up to 100W / 125W.

Please note, the lamp must be specified prior to ordering this product to confirm it’s compatibility with the load - active circuitry varies from each brand, which could interfere with this emergency product.

A safety start circuit is provided that prevents emergency operation until mains is connected - this enables installation without disconnecting or depleting the batteries. The unit is housed in an alu-zinc case.

The batteries that are used with this unit are 2x12V 9Ahr Lead acid batteries or 25.9V Lithium-ion.