DIN Smart Switch

DALI controlled 8-amp switch

> 5 year warranty
> Provides uncommitted 230 Vac 8A contacts
> Enables switching of any load via the DALI link
> Can be addressed via automatic addressing
> Configurable via most DALI BMS systems
> Custom design to fit on din rails for easy installations

The DIN SMART SWITCH is a DALI compatible digitally addressable lighting interface switch control unit. The DIN SMART SWITCH can switch a maximum load of 8A.

The unit complies with the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Standard IEC 62386 and is therefore compatible with all international interfaces. Its bi-directional bus uses standard protocol and can therefore be addressed by all reputable bridges.

The unit can be used to switch various items such as:

> Air-conditioner switching
> HID lamp control
> Security gates operation
> General lighting switching