THX Supernova

2pin Self test emergency control unit with HID re-strike delay features

> 5 year warranty on inverter
> Emergency lighting kit for 2 pin 18W CFL
> Automatic self-testing feature with audible and visual status
> HID re-strike delay feature
> 100% emergency lighting for 30 minutes or one hour options
> Maintained or non-maintained operation

The THX SUPERNOVA will conduct a short system check every month and a deep system test every 4 months, these tests greatly improve battery life by discharging and recharging the cells on a regular basis thus preventing crystallization of the cells which causes battery life and capacity to diminish. During the tests the lamp and battery are measured and checked for faults. If a fault is detected then the unit will flash a code and the buzzer will make an audible sound.

The unit has a 30 minute switching delay for use with high pressure discharge lighting re-striking, it can still detect power failures whilst it is in warm up mode.