Emergency control gear for low voltage down-lights or LED’s

> Emergency lighting kit for 12 V lamps and LED’s
> 100% emergency lighting for one hour
> Maintained or non-maintained operation

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This system has been designed to fit through the down-light hole into the ceiling cavity. It can drive one 20 or 50 Watt halogen
lamp or LED for an emergency lighting duration of maximum of one hour.

The unit can be used in maintained mode (where the normal low voltage supply, fixed or dimming, is routed through the unit). A battery pack of 10 x 2Ahr is required for a 20 W lamp. A battery pack of 10 x 4Ahr is required for a 50 W lamp.

Please note that there is a 12V Lead-acid version available. The unit plus batteries may also be supplied in a remote enclosure.

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