LED Universe Delta

LED Universe Delta

Constant current (2 cell) kit

> 5 year warranty
> LED emergency kit for modules or panels with onboard drivers
> Ni-Cad and lithium-ion battery compatible



The LED Universe Delta is used for modules or panels or LED tubes with onboard LED drivers. It can operate LED’s that has a forward voltage of 10 to 300Vdc with internal circuits using low currents. Please note that loads must be tested for compatibility before use.

The LED Universe Delta is compatible with both, ni-cad and lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries offer better
efficiency for emergency lighting. The batteries are smaller in size with higher capacity. The LED Universe with lithium-ion batteries can offer longer duration emergency mode with an added advantage of being cost-efficient.

The emergency control gear can be installed into the luminaire providing the case temperature does not exceed 70°C
when using ni-cad batteries or 55°C when using lithium-ion batteries. If the emergency control gear cannot fit into the
luminaire, due to size or temperature, the emergency control gear can be supplied in a remote box.


As with the Omega, the above product has many variances and also has sister products to suit different LED modules and panels with built-in drivers.

Below are the sister products of the LED Delta with the only functional difference being that of their output voltages.