Constant current (6 cell) kit

The LED Orbit, this product has an output voltage of 10 – 100V which means it can drive any LED module/panel that requires a voltage between 10 – 100V.

> 5 year warranty on inverter
> Percentage light output on emergency for 1 or 3 hours
> Maintained or non-maintained operation
> Designed to fit into commonly used bulkheads

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The LED Orbit provides constant current to any LED module or panel that requires a voltage between 10 – 100V. It has to be used in conjunction with either a 6x2Ahr or 6x4Ahr ni-cad battery to
provide the emergency illumination.

Please note, the light output on emergency will vary depending on the wattage of lamps used, as well as Ahr of the battery. The unit complies with SANS1464-22.

Please note, this unit may only be used in situations where the LED panel/module makes use of an integrated driver.

Designed for bulkhead applications. Also compatible with 7.4V lithium-ion battery.

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