ES40W / ES85W Combo Pack

High power, maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting pack

> 5 year warranty on inverter
> Emergency lighting duration from 1 to 3 hours
> Maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting pack
> 100% emergency light output

This emergency lighting pack is designed for areas that require very high illumination levels. The pack
can be wired in either a maintained or non-maintained version. 

Inside the remote box will either be an ES40W or an ES85W, depending on the customers requirements. 

The lamp configuration for the ES40W may be the following:
1 x 30W LED Floods
2 x 20W LED Floods
4 x 10W LED Floods 

The lamp configuration for the ES85W may be the following:
1 x 50W LED Floods
4 x 20W LED Floods
8 x 10W LED Floods

Please note that these are the common configurations. Alternate configurations are available upon request. 

This system is highly convenient due to the fact that the remote box can be placed in an out-of-sight area and depending on the configuration, the LED floods may be mounted in separate rooms / locations. 

There is no volt drop between the remote box and the load. 

This is an ideal package for high risk areas eg, industrial / commercial car parks, residential and retail outlets.

This is merely a stand alone emergency pack which does not need to be wired with existing light fittings.