ELS Spot

ELS Spot

1 hour emergency light with 2 x 20W spot lamps
> 2 year warranty
> One hour of emergency light from 2 x 20W spot lamps
> Non-maintained operation
> Provides “High-risk task-area” emergency lighting
> Suitable for 12V LED lamps

The ELS_SPOT will provide one hour of emergency lighting with two 20 Watt halogen lamps. The lamps are swivel mounted so that emergency light may be directed where necessary.

This unit is particularly useful for high risk task area lighting where instant bright emergency light is required. Typical examples are security lighting, cashiers, casino tables and for moving machinery. The unit contains a sealed lead-acid maintenance free battery that is charged automatically once the mains power is restored.

There are two indicating lights: the green light shows that mains power is on and the red light shows that the battery is flat. The red light will go off when the battery is fully charged. If the unit is disconnected from mains for storage then the battery must be disconnected to prevent damage.

Also available in a self-testing version.

Cosine Developments ELS Spot specifications