ELS Mini Wedge

Emergency fluorescent floodlight
> 2 year warranty
> 7 hours of emergency light from a 9W CFL floodlight
> Non-maintained operation
> Provides “Anti-panic area” emergency lighting

The ELS_MINI WEDGE will provide seven hours of emergency lighting from a 9Watt fluorescent lamp housed within a flood type luminaire. This unit is particularly useful for open area anti-panic emergency lighting and security lighting.

The unit contains a sealed lead-acid maintenance free battery that is charged automatically once the mains power is restored. There are two indicating lights: the green light shows that mains power is on and the red light shows that the battery is flat.

The red light will go off when the battery is fully charged. If the unit is disconnected from mains for storage then the battery must be disconnected to prevent damage.

Also available in a self-testing version.

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