ELS Standard

12 Volt Emergency lighting system for halogen lamps / luminaires / LED’s

> 2 years warranty
> Emergency lighting kit for 12 V lamps and LED’s
> 100% emergency lighting for 6 hours
> Non-maintained operation

The Emergency Lighting System (ELS) can be connected to six 8W (12V) decorative fluorescent lamps, or two 12V 20W halogen lamps or one 12V 50W lamp or a combination of different lamp types that are fitted with 12V inverters or any 12V LED’s.

In the event of a power failure the unit automatically energises the lamps. Each fluorescent fitting can be switched on or off to conserve battery power during lengthy power interruptions.

With one 8W luminaire the unit will provide up to eight hours of emergency light. When mains power is restored the unit automatically switches the lamps off and recharges the battery. The halogen lamps can be used in maintained mode i.e., the mains derived low voltage (fixed or dimming) supply can be used during normal conditions.

New legislation calls for emergency lighting in public areas. It is therefore illegal for casinos, pubs, shopping malls, etc. to not have emergency lighting. The unit satisfies SABS specifications and thus would satisfy mandatory requirements. An emergency lighting system would also complement a domestic alarm installation by offering additional safety for its occupants. The system is suited for D.I.Y. installation because the lamp wiring is low voltage (12 Volts) and need only be of 0.5 mm2 (flex type) diameter. The central unit is directly plugged into a mains outlet and the lamp wiring can be routed through the ceiling cavity. It is also possible to use halogen spot lights for security lighting.


  • >Position the ELS charger near a mains outlet (It can be mounted on the wall utilising the two base slots).
  • >Route all lamp wires (standard 0.5 mm2 flex cable) through the ceiling cavity back to the charger unit. The lamps can be secured onto the wall using double sided tape. Note: the maximum length of flex cable between the lamp and the charger unit is 20 metres.
  • >Connect all lamp wires to the charger (Make sure the lamps are not connected backwards), i.e. the positive from the charger must be connected to the positive on the lamp). Usually the flex has identifying cotton strands with one of the bare wires to identify the positive lead.
  • >Open the charger lid and connect the positive battery lead and then replace the lid.
  • >Plug the unit into mains and switch on.

The ELS contains a battery charging circuit for its 7 Ahr lead-acid maintenance free battery.

The unit has two indicating lights: the green light shows that mains power is on and the red light shows that the battery is flat. The red light will go off when the battery is fully charged. If the unit is disconnected from mains for storage then the battery must be disconnected to prevent damage.

Also available in a self-testing function.

Cosine Developments ELS Standard LED emergency Kit specifications specifications