Emergency Lighting

 What is Emergency Lighting?Emergency lighting is compulsory in any area where a mains failure could leave either the public or...

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Occupancy Sensors

What do Occupancy Sensors do? Imagine walking throughout a building without ever having to flick a light switch on or...

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Battery Packs

Battery Packs and Specifications Wide variety of battery packs available, specifically selected for emergency gear. Battery types include Nickel Cadmium,...

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Emergency Exit Signs

Cosine Developments offer a wide range of LED and fluorescent exit signs that cater for various specifications and requirements. LED...

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What exactly is emergency lighting and why is it compulsory?

Emergency lighting is mandatory to ensure that there is sufficient lighting for escape routes as well as to prevent damage or death to an individual if there is a power failure. It works via batteries powering the light (luminaire) when mains is not present.

South African Regulations

Emergency lighting is compulsory in any area where a mains failure could leave either the public or workers in darkness (OHS Act 85 of 1993). Furthermore, installed emergency lighting must comply with strict compulsory performance standards (VC 8055). The performance standard is defined by SANS 1464 part 22. Failure to comply can result in fines and/or legal action.

Cosine Developments - which was established in 1997 – has led the lighting market with its locally designed and manufactured lighting related electronics. All products are designed to meet the stringent South African Bureau of Standards (otherwise known as SABS) requirements in terms of performance, reliability and safety (SABS Standards are based on international IEC Standards).

We have designed a comprehensive range of emergency control gear that will satisfy a variety industrial and commercial requirements.

Products Include:
> High bay emergency packs
Occupancy Sensors
> HVAC products
> UPS systems
> Smart Products (Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface)
> Complete home/industrial emergency lighting solutions
> Basic industrial 1 hour and 3 hour emergency kits for LED’s, fluorescent and halogen lamps
> Self-testing emergency kits
> Photocells (Day/night switches)
> Batteries
> Railway Inverters

Our leadership in the market has been demonstrated by numerous technical publications and involvement with our standards authority (SABS). A heavy investment in both people and test equipment has enabled the development of a wide range of cost effective, technically advanced and reliable products.

A long history of large scale manufacturing and attentive customer care ensures high product reliability and customer satisfaction.