ES40W Emergency Kit


UPS system for 230Vac device or lamp up to 40W
> 5 year warranty on inverter
> Provides emergency power for any 230 Vac 40W device
> Emergency lighting for any ES or LED lamps up to 40W
> 1 to 3 hours emergency duration
> Can be used to operate any 230Vac device (cellphone chargers, laptop chargers etc.)
> 100% emergency light output

The ES-40W supplies 100% light output in emergency operation for certain 230V LED or ES lamps up to 40W. Please note, the lamp must be specified prior to ordering this product to confirm it’s compatibility with the load - active circuitry varies from each brand, which could interfere with this emergency product. A safety start circuit is provided that prevents emergency operation until mains is connected - this enables installation without disconnecting or depleting the batteries. A red pilot light indicates that the batteries are being charged. The unit is housed in an alu-zinc case, which includes a label of the wiring connection diagram. This unit can be supplied in a remote box as per customer requirement.

The batteries that may be used with this unit are any 12V lead acid battery; or a 10x2 or 10x4 ni-cad battery, therefore please specify which battery type you will be using prior to ordering so that it may be modified accordingly.

Cosine Developments ES40W specifications

*Discharge currents may vary depending on lamp brands used.